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Glad you're here, friend!

I'm Dominique. Helping Others To Discover Their True Potential Is My Passion.

I'm here to help. Finances, business start up, side hustle discovery, personal planning, organizing, life in general. I can help with it all. I've started and grown multiple successful businesses of my own, serving as building blocks to teach others to do the same. 

If you're ready to become to boss you know you can be, you've come to the right place.

Let's get started.

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"Dominique is an exceptional coach and human being. I desperately needed help with a huge goal I had for my business and she was the answer. The observations and recommendations were spot on and transformative. Over the course of our follow-up conversations, the depth and quality of her insight blew me away! I reached my goals because of her.

— Cecy Holubec

"I was sick of my job and wanted to start a side business that could eventually grow into my full time job. Being a mother of three with a career i truly believed there was no way, not with my insane life. Dom broke down every minute of my schedule and opened up so much time for me to work on my dream. Not only that but she basically held my hand, helped me brain storm and laid out step by step how to start and grow my business. I’m about three months away from being able to quit my corporate job and work for myself. Never would have been able to get here without Dom. Best investment and best choice in my new forever friend and cheerleader".

— Sarah Sawyer

"I worked with Dominique in early 2020, right before the shutdown happened. My goals at the time, were working on organization of material items and finances. I had been so overwhelmed for years, that I didn’t have a framework for what I needed. I was also too overwhelmed to know where to start. To top it off, I had a short time frame to meet those goals. So, I needed the help! When the shutdown happened- working towards my goals had to stop. Most of what I needed to work on was in storage at my in-laws house. For safety, I put those goals on hold. For the longest time, we were in survival mode, as was everyone else. That meant putting my goals on the back burner. Working with Dominique gave me the skills and practice I needed, for when the time was right to start working towards those goals, again!"

— Jessica Arrigton

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